Secrétech Plus,<br />
Linguistic Specialist & <br />
Virtual Assistant

Secrétech Plus,
Linguistic Specialist &
Virtual Assistant

A pioneer in the world of bilingual
virtual assistants, at your fingertips.

Secrétech Plus,<br />
Linguistic Specialist & <br />
Virtual Assistant


Welcome to my website!

Specialized in linguistics (editing, proofreading, translation, and writing), English and French have no secret for me. I am a member of Editors Canada since 2020.

Furthermore, I have been a virtual assistant since 2005, I have over 20 years of experience in administrative work, and I have a DCS in Office Work Coordination (Office System Technology).

Choosing me as a virtual assistant for your linguistic or administrative tasks guarantees you peace of mind.

Why a Virtual Assistant
or a Linguistic Specialist?

Why hire a virtual assistant rather than an office employee?


Why hire a virtual assistant rather than an office employee?

  • No source deduction, no insurance to provide, no benefit payable;
  • You save in office space, in computer equipment and in furniture;
  • She is available 7 days a week;
  • She constitutes a business expense;
  • She is paid only for the hours she worked.


Why hire a linguistic specialist rather than buy software?

  • Although advanced, artificial intelligence is not perfect. The software may not recognize all errors;
  • The subscription to the software must be renewed ($) annually;
  • The software only corrects some spelling and grammatical errors;
  • The software does not always correct syntax and sentence structure errors;
  • It is so much more agreeable and pleasant to work with me! 😊
Why hire a linguistic specialist rather than buy software?


"By the way, I can congratulate you on the magnificent writing presented in your mailing. Also, the text is very well written, the punctuation is in the spotlight, and the spelling is impeccable. Well done."

Author of "La grammaire expliquée", about my French skills.

"Your mastery of our language is great. You are an exceptional case. Well done!"

Trainer, linguist and co-editor of "Le Multidictionnaire de la langue française", about my French skills.

"I have used Madame Fidalgo's services for the creation and writing of documents. I am satisfied with the deadlines and with the work done. I highly recommend her."

Client, self-employed

"I really enjoyed working with Secrétech Plus. The service was good and the service was quick. The most important thing for us was to have someone who listens to us, which was the case with Caroline."

Mr. Cédrick Audet
Agence Unikeo

"We are very proud to have, among our precious suppliers, a resource like Caroline Marie! Caroline Marie mainly acts as a customer service assistant; she is very professional, always ready to collaborate and adjusts herself to each daily novelty. She is hardworking and very competent. In addition, she does not hesitate to refer new customers to us as soon as she has the opportunity! It is an honor for us to have her collaboration and her dedication to the success of the mandates we entrust to her!"

President, MALLAR RSVP

"With great pleasure, I give the mention ‘best in class’ for her proofreading, her editing, her translation, and her writing. The services offered by Caroline are hyper professional, always executed, and communicated in a precise and efficient manner, in addition to being delivered on time. We collaborated in the editing and translation of websites, in the development of various commercial presentations and various internal projects for the company. I am always delighted with the results."

Owner and Artistic Director, L'Antête Salon/Danny Lapointe Coaching

"Wow! What a professional, impeccable job Caroline Marie did for me to streamline the training process for my new employees. I will be using her services again for sure!"

Owner, Verbatum

"Caroline is simply exceptional. Her responsiveness and professionalism give us the confidence that we do not need to supervise the project or even validate her work. We have done translation mandates, and everything has always been completed quickly, on time, with high quality and at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend her!"

Maxime Lacroix
Associate, Amélio inc.

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